Property Managers and Agents


Equus is a wonderful place to live and work. We need your help to keep it that way.

The following information has been provided for your benefit and the benefit of Equus community.

We have also provided access to documents relevant to yourselves and your tenants.  These are available for:

Residential Property Managers,

Retail Property Managers, and

Commercial Property Managers

As a Property Manager / Managing Agent you are requested to be aware of the requirements for all Equus tenants and residents and to inform your tenants of these requirements.

We also request your assistance in ensuring that the tenants you place in the building are aware of the building, its facilities and requirements and their obligations to abide by the building’s By-laws and House Rules and Regulations.  This will ensure that they, their employees and all residents of Equus get the most out of being a part of the Equus Community.

When you have signed up a new tenant, please take a few minutes to show them around the building.  Please show them their car park, store room, the bin room, the after-hours access and the recreation facilities as is relevant.

Please give them a copy of the House Rules & Regulations, the Info Sheet and the Security Database form.

Also, inform the Building Managers and the Strata Managers of changes in occupancy to avoid having tenants swipe cards expired.

Quite often new tenants arrive at Equus, and Building Managers have not been informed of a change in tenancy as is required by our Strata By-laws.

Often tenants, in particular residential tenants, have no idea of where the Bin Room is, they have not requested a Lift Operation Key and Lifts to be padded, they do not know how to Exit and Enter the building after hours, they have no idea where the pool and gym are situated and what the hours of operation are. They do not realise Equus car parking is regulated under the City Of Perth Parking Management Act and that a Permit system for car parking applies.

They seem to be oblivious to the necessity to ensure that there is no loud noise emanating from their apartment and disturbing other residents, no matter what time of night or day.

Each residential tenant must participate in an induction with the Building Managers within 48 hours of taking up their residence or risk having their swipe card suspended.  They must bring with them the Security Database form, their swipe cards and Photo ID.  Those who are listed on the form and have not participated in the induction will have their swipe card suspended until they do so.

Equus is a secure building and we aim to keep it this way with your help.

Please comply with your obligation to notify Strata of all changes in occupancy immediately.

Be aware that parking at Equus is strictly controlled to ensure compliance with The Perth Parking Management Act and that vehicles parked in someone else’s bay are subject to clamping.

If you have a property to attend for an inspection, you should park in the bay for the property you are attending. If that is not possible, you should contact the Building Managers to request a temporary park for that occasion only. You should also leave a business card on the dashboard of your vehicle to identify your eligibility to park in the building.

If you have contractors attending the property for maintenance work you must provide them with a valid swipe card and ensure they are aware of the parking

In short:

  • The Strata Company and the Building Managers are to be advised when an apartment is vacated and when it is re-let.
  • Property Managers are to advise all new tenants to contact the Building Managers for an induction to which the must bring a completed Security Database form and Photo ID within 48 hours of moving into Equus.
  • Property Managers are to show new tenants the location of their car park, store room, the Pool & Gym and also the after-hours entry to the building.
  • Before new tenants move into Equus, they should contact the Building Managers, introduce themselves, advise the date of moving in and pick up a lift key 24 hours before moving in.
  • New tenants must contact the Building Managers 24 hours before having internet installed. The tenant is required to sign for and pick up the key to the MDF room for the technician.