Q:  Where do I park my car?

A:  Each apartment or commercial suite is allocated one or more parking bays which are identified by the apartment/suite number.  You are only allowed to park in the parking bay(s) allocated to your apartment/suite.  You cannot park anywhere else in the Equus Building.

Parking in the Equus Building in strictly monitored by the Building Managers and unauthorised vehicles parked within the Building (i.e. those without of valid parking permit or those not parked in a bay other than that indicated on their parking permit) may be clamped.  A fee applies for the removal of tyre clamps.

City of Perth/Department of Transport has the right to inspect parking within the Equus Building at any time.  The City of Perth levies substantial fines to the Strata Company if any vehicles are found to violate the Perth Parking Management Act 1999.  The Strata Company has the right to pass these fines on to the owner of the offending vehicle or the owner of the parking bay being used.

A summary of the conditions that apply to parking in the Equus Building can be found here.


Q:  I am not using my car bay, or I have a spare parking bay.  Can I let a friend or someone else use it?

A:  NO.  As stated above, parking within the Equus Building is Regulated and Licensed The Perth Parking Management Act 1999 and administered by the Department of Transport.

As a condition of this Act, only people who live in the Equus Building or people employed by commercial businesses located in the Equus Building (which pay an annual licensing fee per parking bay) are entitled to park in the Building.


Q:  Where can my visitors park?

A:  There is no visitors parking within the Equus Building.  Any visitors that you have must park off-site.

There is limited street parking near the Equus Building.  The closest off-street parking areas are:

  • City of Perth Parking 87-89 Pier St
  • Wilson Parking 102 Pier St


Q:  I have a cleaner or tradesperson coming, where can they park?

A:  Cleaners and tradespeople can come into the Equus Building, but the only place that they are entitled to park is in your parking bay.  This means that, if you do not have a bay that you do not use, you will have to park your own car off-site.

If cleaners and tradespeople park in someone else’s car bay, they may be clamped and face a clamp removal fee.


Q:  Why can’t I leave my belongings on my parking lot?

A:  Your parking lot is considered to be Common Area.  No one is permitted to leave anything on Common Area.  It is against the Strata By-Laws to leave items other than your vehicle or motorbike on your parking lot.  You have a storeroom in which to store your items.


Q:  I have an item that is too big to fit in my storage unit. Can I leave it in my parking space?

A:  As stated above, your personal belongings are not to be left on Common Area.  It is against the Strata By-laws.


Q:  Why must I keep my parking space clean?

A: The Strata act requires that all Common Areas, including car parks, are to be maintained at the highest standard.



Q:  Is the sound we make on our balcony heard from other apartments?

A:  YES.  Any sound made on your balcony will be heard from other apartments which is why we have a strictly no noise policy after 10 pm.  Noise heard from any apartment which is disturbing to other residents is not permitted no matter the time day or night.


Q:  What should I do if a neighbour is making excessive noise or displaying antisocial behaviour?

A:  Contact the Building Managers via SMS.   If it is after hours, and there is no response to your SMS, please send an email the next day to the Building Manager who will reprimand the offender.  If the offence continues, they will be Breached.

Contact details for the Building Managers can be found here.


Q:  What are my responsibilities when using the Common Areas?

A:  Take all due care and responsibility, wear appropriate footwear and clothing for a family venue.  Smoking, eating and consumption of alcohol are not permitted in Common Areas.


Q:  Where is smoking permitted?

A:  All of the common areas within the Equus building are designated non-smoking areas, this includes all indoor areas (even the car parks, basement and bin room), and all outdoor areas (pool/spa area, retail arcade, adjoining laneways).

You CANNOT smoke inside your apartment or suite as this will activate the automatic fire alarm.   If this system is activated, Fire and Emergency Services vehicles will attend the building.  If the callout is deemed a false alarm, you may be billed accordingly.

The only place within the Equus building and associated grounds that you can smoke is your balcony.

We do ask however that you try to avoid smoking on your balcony because smoke can drift to neighbouring apartments and disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other residents.

Cigarette ash and butts may not be allowed to drop (or be thrown) from your balcony. Do not leave ash and butts on your balcony (even in an ashtray) as these will undoubtedly blow off and into neighbouring apartments.  If you, or your visitors, are identified as the source of cigarette litter, you may be issued a breach and/or fine.

These rules also apply to E-cigarettes.

If you are trying to quit smoking, you may seek help and encouragement by calling Quitline on 131 848 or 13 7848


Q:  Why can’t I move in or out late at night?

A:  This is not permitted as any associated noise will disturb other residents.


Q:  What should I do if I see something faulty around Equus?

A:  If it is in a Common Area, report it to the Building Managers.

If there is a fault within your apartment, it is your responsibility.  If you are renting, you should contact your Property Manager.



Q:  Why is access to the pool and spa limited to certain times?

A:  Pool/spa hours are strictly 6 am – 9 pm.

Rules and regulations regarding operational hours for swimming pools/spas in residential complexes are developed and overseen by the Department of Health.

As such, we are bound by their determination in this respect.

Please click here for the Pool Rules and Regulations.


Q:  Why is access to the gymnasium limited to certain times?

A:  Gymnasium hours are strictly 6 am – 9 pm.

These hours are in place for health and safety reasons and also out of consideration for residents located next to and above the gym.

Please click here for the Gym Rules and Regulations.


Q:  My working hours are such that I cannot access the Pool and Gym facilities during their mandated opening hours.  Can I request access outside of these times?

A: While we understand and sympathise with your situation, this is not possible.  The opening hours of these facilities are regulated by the Government, not us.


Q:  How do I access the Building after hours?

A:  Car parks are accessible 24 hours a day.  If you want to access the Building on foot via the retail arcade, please refer to the After Hours Entrance Guide.



Q:  Are pets allowed to be kept in our apartment?

A:  YES…..BUT it is subject to the approval of the owner of your apartment and the Strata company (both must be in writing) and is also subject to Strata By-Laws.

All dogs must be UNDER 10 kilos when fully grown.

All dogs must be carried while on Common Areas – that is, ANYWHERE outside of your apartment until you reach either the Hay Street or Murray Street footpaths.



Q:  Do I need permission to make changes around my apartment?

A:  This depends on the changes that you want to make.  Things like repainting and redecorating are usually OK (we are assuming that this is YOUR apartment!!) but any structural changes MUST be submitted to the Strata Council of Owners for their consideration.

To avoid any inconveniences, it is best to check with the Building Managers before doing anything, especially if you are unsure.

Remember to notify the Building Managers if you will be having tradespeople coming into the building as it may be necessary to take precautions to accommodate them – e.g. place protective curtains in the lift(s).


Q:  I have bought a new washing machine or lounge suite. Can I put the old ones in the bin room?

A:  NO.  Our waste collection services are not contracted to remove such items.  It is your responsibility to see to the removal/disposal of these items.

Typically, the supplier of the new equipment/furniture can take the old ones away for you.

Remember to notify the Building Managers if you will be having removalists or tradespeople coming into the building with large furniture and/or appliances as it may be necessary to take precautions to accommodate them – e.g. place protective curtains in the lift(s).


Q:  We are vacating our apartment, why do we have to inform you and give notice?

A:  Apart from being common courtesy, it will usually be necessary to take some precautions in preparation for your move.

It may be necessary to install protective curtains in the lift(s) to avoid them being damaged by large items.  Failure to provide notice and have these fitted may result in you being charged for any damage to the lifts.  It is also your responsibility to inform removalists that they are NOT to use the lifts if these curtains are not fitted.

Providing notice may also allow you/your removalists to have exclusive access to a lift to facilitate your move and also allow for a parking space for a removalist truck to be reserved on the street.

The Building Managers will also need to deactivate any swipe cards that you have been allocated.


Q:  UGH my rubbish bag broke or leaked when I was taking it to the bin room. What should I do?

A:  If the bag has broken or leaked, you should first dispose of whatever you can and then do your best to clean up whatever mess that you can to minimise the impact on other residents.  Use a mop, broom or damp cloth from your apartment but avoid using any chemicals as you will not know how these may affect the surface you are cleaning.  If possible, have another person stand by the spill to warn others of the potential hazard.

If it is during regular business hours, contact the Building Managers, and they will send a caretaker to attend to it.  If you can, remain with the spill until the caretaker arrives.

Even if you have cleaned up the spill yourself, you should still report it to the Building Managers.


Q:  There is a bad smell coming from the drain in my bathroom or laundry. What should I do?

A:  This is an issue that we are aware of.  It is usually the result of the water in the U-Bend of your plumbing evaporating such that it no longer acts as an airtight seal.  This happens primarily when the drain(s) are not used regularly.

This can be fixed as simply as pouring several buckets of water down the drain.  We have also provided several documents with alternative instructions which may help you here.



Q:  What should I do if a fire breaks out in my apartment?


The Equus building is equipped with a state-of-the-art Early Warning Intercommunications System (EWIS).  This system can independently detect both smoke and heat.

If the system detects smoke in your apartment and is triggered, an alarm will sound through the speakers of that apartment only.

If a heat alarm is triggered by the system within your apartment, a general evacuation tone will sound through your speakers.


The Fire Alert Tone sounds like this.

The Fire Evacuation Tone sounds like this.


Q:  Ummm ….. what if the smoke alarm is triggered because I burned my toast?

A:  Relax, this happens to the best of us.

Do not panic, you are not going to cause a building-wide evacuation, and emergency services will not be pounding at your door within seconds.

First and foremost, turn your toaster off (or whatever was causing the smoke).  If it is in your oven, turn it off and keep the door closed.

Then, if the alarm is still sounding, open your balcony doors to allow some air in (and smoke out) and fan the area around the smoke detector with a tea towel or cloth (do not hit the detector with anything). If your oven is full of smoke, let it out gradually, keeping your apartment well ventilated.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU OPEN YOUR APARTMENT DOOR!  This may trigger the sensors in the hallway which will elicit a response by the EWIS.

Consider going out or getting some takeaway for this meal!


Q:  What should I do if I hear the fire alarm?


Leave the building in an orderly manner via the emergency stairs. Stay calm. Don’t run.  Hold the handrail.

The Fire Evacuation Tone sounds like this.