Welcome to Equus

Before moving into Equus, please contact the Building Managers David or Jeannie Deverell.

The Building Managers will be able to provide you with all the information and assistance that you need to move into your new premises or to conduct your day-to-day business activities.

If you are moving into new premises which require a fit-out or you are re-fitting existing premises, it is essential that you liaise closely with the Building Managers as we have strict rules regarding what can and can’t be done, building access by contractors and occupational health and safety.

For guidance, you should refer to the Equus Commercial Fit-out Guide.

When moving into the building, you will need to organise a time and date with the Building Managers giving at least 48 hours prior notice. This is so that the lifts can be padded and so you can sign out a lift key in order not to damage the lifts.  You will need to arrange parking for your removalist by contacting the City of Perth. Parking will be off Hay Street.

The following documents will also be of use to you:

Commercial Quick Reminders

Commercial Information Sheet

Car bays, Power Meter, Storage, Lift – Commercial

Once you have moved in you will need to fill in a Security Database Form which is a record of employee names, mobile phone numbers and vehicle registration numbers against the swipe card numbers issued to them.  Only vehicles listed on this form and displaying a valid permit are allowed to park in the Equus Building, and these can only park in the bats allocated to your suite.  Vehicles not listed on this form, failing to display a permit and/or parking in the incorrect bay vehicle may be clamped, and you will be breached.

It is essential that ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES are familiar with the building rules and regulations and, in particular, the Fire Alarm Response procedure.


Other information

Swipe Cards

The swipe card(s) you have been given belongs to YOU they are not to be handed to anyone else. You are responsible for your swipe card. If you should lose this card, you must contact the Building Managers immediately so they can suspend it off the Security System.  The Building Manager will not loan you a replacement card.  You must then report the loss to the Building Manager or your Property Manager who will order you a new swipe card at a cost of $110 including GST.

Your Property Manager should have a spare card for you to access the building. If you are given a replacement card from your Property Manager, please send the last four numbers to the Building Managers so they can record it onto the Security System.


At induction you will be given a Park Permit, at no time can you copy this permit. If you lose the permit you must contact the Building Manager and request a replacement.
You must also park within your own bay(s) and not encroach into someone else’s bay.

  • Only people living or working in the building are permitted to park at Equus.
  • You must not let a friend or relative park at Equus if you are not in attendance. If you have a visitor you need to go to the entrance and swipe your guest in and hand them your park permit to display in their car – please be sure to retrieve the parking permit when you let them out the exit gate. This, of course, is ONLY if you have a spare bayEquus has NO visitors parking bays.
  • The Permit must be displayed on your dashboard at all times the vehicle is parked in the Building so as to be clearly seen from the outside.
  • AT NO TIME are you permitted to park your visitors in someone else’s bay.  Please be advised if you park your own or your visitor’s car in someone else’s bay the vehicle will be clamped and you will be breached.


Your bicycles are not permitted to be wheeled into the lifts. This is a breach of our Strata By-Laws. Anyone caught taking their bicycles into the lifts will be breached.
You must store bicycles either in your storeroom (by riding or walking them up the ramp) or in one of the Bicycle store rooms on Car Park levels 2,3 & 4 or in the Basement Car Park through the Pedestrian gate.

Pool & Gym

Pool & gym are open from 6 am – 9 pm.

Anyone caught in these areas after those times will have pool & gym privileges suspended.

The consumption of alcohol in any of the recreation areas is strictly prohibited.


Other information and documents that mind find useful can be found here.