Roles and Responsibilities

The Strata Managers are appointed by, and work under the direction of, the Council of Owners.

The Strata Managers manage the funds of the strata company (which is comprised of all the lot owners), issue levy notices, pay employees of the strata company (e.g. the building managers and caretakers), pay contractors and ensure the owners are complying with the Act (Strata Titles Act 1985).  The Strata Managers also hold the position of Chairman (if the council of owners chooses), serve as a communication conduit between owners and the council of owners and many more roles.

The following are not within the roles and responsibilities of the Strata Managers:

  1. Making the decisions of the strata company
  2. Inductions & site inspections for owners/residents
  3. After hours internal maintenance within apartments

While the above may not be the responsibility of the Strata Managers; it can be assured that the council of owners, property owners/managers, and the building managers will have these items covered.

Our Strata Managers, Richardson Strata Management Services, are well versed in the application of the procedural by-laws, meeting protocols, and the general requirements of the Privacy, Taxation, OH&S and Workplace legislation as these affect Equus.

  Richardson Strata Management Services

Richardson Strata Management Services has been providing professional management services to Western Australian strata companies for more than 35 years.

A family owned and operated company, Richardson Strata Management Services demonstrates high staff retention rates, and this ensures continuity of service from their staff who have in-depth knowledge of the Strata Company (Equus) and its management needs.

Richardson Strata Management Services operates a customised boutique computer management and financial software system which has ensured that the council are involved and updated on the financial status of the complex.


Contact details for Richardson Strata Management Services are as follows:

138 Burswood Road, Burswood, WA 6100



Phone:  (08) 9472 1833

Fax:  (08) 9355 5299