Roles and Responsibilities

The Council of Owners is a management entity tasked with the responsibility to manage all aspects of the strata plan in the best interests of all owners.  The members of the Council of Owners are elected (according to the Strata Titles Act 1985) by the owners of the strata plan at an annual general meeting.  The Council of Owners is appointed to run the company (strata plan) in accordance with the conditions of the Strata Titles Act, the by-laws for the particular strata plan covering the property and with any added restrictions or directions given by the owners at a general meeting.

Typically it is the responsibility of the Council of Owners to ensure that (among other things):

  • the finances of the strata plan are adequately managed,
  • all required insurances are adequate and up to date,
  • all appropriate records are kept and maintained,
  • the repair and maintenance of common property is carried out according to specifications and in a timely manner,
  • that the strata plan by-laws are adhered to and are up to date and fitting with the requirements of the strata plan,
  • all applicable laws and regulations affecting the strata plan (planning, building, fire, health and safety, workplace, parking etc.) are adhered to and that all required safety inspections are carried out.

As is the case for Equus, the Strata Titles Act allows for the Council of Owners to appoint Strata Managers and Building Managers to assist in the application of these responsibilities.

The duly elected council members work closely with Richardson Strata Management Services to ensure the timely execution of works and decisions made at the property.

The following are not within the roles and responsibilities of the Council of Owners:

  • Dealing with owners/agents on maintenance issues
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Lodging of insurance claims
  • Dealing with day to day items at the property


Any lot owner registered with the strata plan can be elected on to the Council of Owners.

The Equus Council of Owners is comprised of seven owners, three of whom are appointed to the positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer by the council.

Under the current by-laws of the Strata Company, the council is between 3-7 proprietors who are nominated and voted on at the General Meetings.  The Equus Council of Owners is “currently” comprised of seven owners.  The council have elected a Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer to undertake the functions required under the Strata Titles Act in conjunction with the Building Managers and Strata Managers.

Members of the Council of Owners do not acquire any privileges by virtue of their election to it, or because they become office bearers of the council. They are required to carry out their duties for the benefit of all owners, without favour.

All communications directed to the Council of Owners must be made via the Strata Managers.