Roles and Responsibilities

The Equus Building Managers organise, control and coordinate the strategic and operational management the Equus building and its facilities.  The Building Managers are “on the ground” and deal with the various contractors and suppliers in carrying out maintenance and upgrades and providing services such as security, cleaning, fit-outs and property maintenance.  Concerning building maintenance, one of the most critical roles of the Building Managers is to ensure that this is carried out on a preventative rather than a reactive basis.  The Equus Building Managers have a thorough understanding of all plant and machinery, how it operates and what maintenance is required, they ensure that all plant and machinery are running at optimum levels and that maintenance is carried out according to the manufacturer’s details.

Building Managers also manage the adherence of the owners/tenants to the “house rules” and registered by-laws but are also there to support owners/tenants and deal with conflict to create a community environment.

The Building Managers also maintain the Security Access Data Base and are responsible for programming and maintaining Security Access (swipe cards) to ensure entry to the building and facilities as required.

Importantly, the Building Managers are usually the first point of contact within the building for all new tenants and can assist in making arrangements for “move-ins”.  Similarly, the Building Managers are usually the first point of contact for commercial and retail tenants and can assist in making arrangements for “move-ins” and fit-outs.  All removalists and contractors dealing with fit-outs must liaise with the Building Managers before access to the property is permitted and all fit-outs must be approved by the Building Managers (via the council of owners) before commencement.

The Building Managers are also responsible for contract management, waste management and risk management and, where capital projects are involved, they would develop a business case and forward to the Strata Managers and Council of Owners with recommendations for review and approval before commissioning specialists/ consultants and then manage the project in conjunction with the consultant.

The Building Managers oversee the duties for the building’s caretakers.  They are NOT responsible for repairs and maintenance issues within private Lots.

The Building Managers oversee the operation of the car park under the requirements of The Perth Parking Management Act ensuring that only permanent residents park in the building.

The Building Managers act in the interests of all owners but do so under the instruction of the Council of Owners.  Individual lot owners do not have the right to instruct (or obstruct) the Building Managers in any way.


David and Jeannie DEVERELL are the Resident Building Managers at Equus.

The Equus Building Managers have an office located in the ground level arcade near the Hay Street entrance.  They are contactable by email or mobile phone between the hours of 6.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday.

The Building Managers live on site and are contactable outside of these hours by sending a text message to their listed mobile phone numbers.

Building Managers will respond to URGENT situations as a matter of urgency. All other cases will be followed up next business day.

Contact details for the Equus Building Managers are as follows:

David Deverell   Building Manager    Equus Perth

mobile:  0409 300 679    email:

Jeannie Deverell   Building Manager    Equus Perth

mobile:  0402 245 544    email: